Background Verfication

Your organization is probably 60 times more unsafe than you think!

Slowly but steadily, India is showing an increasing trend of discrepancy or fraudulent cases.

  • Highest numbers of discrepancies, 2 out of 3, are found in employment verification, in the areas of false tenure, title, and salary data coupled with fake experience documents.
  • Next up on the list are discrepancies found in education (5-25%) and address (15-20%) verifications.

Save your organization. Verify employees before hiring!

PINNACLE offers employment solutions that let you reduce costs by verifying and hiring the right candidate rather than replace a wrong hire taken on without verifications. You can be rest assured of these:

  • Background Screening
  • Assessments

Our executive will reach out to you with details.


  • An organization with a zero-tolerance approach to non-compliance.
  • Odisha’s largest audited screening services provider.
  • Odisha’s premiere service provider with high profile names on its client list.
  • An organization that invests significantly in data security and is a trusted name in the industry.
  • Odisha’s only screening service provider with a national presence that ensures reliable background verification for employees from across the globe.

And here’s how we ensure that PINNACLE is your ideal screening services provider

  • You get screening based on industry best practices, tailored to your needs
  • You are served by an experienced team member who manages end-to-end process of verification and quality reporting.
  • You are ensured complete compliance with global regulations, information security, confidentiality, and data protection laws.
  • You get the perfect combination of global reach, local expertise, and an ‘always-on’ service in time.